Which payment systems do you accept?

We accept standard credit cards (VISA, Mastercard & AMEX). We don’t have access to any of your credit card information; financial information is handled via Stripe, the leading payment management platform. If you prefer paying by bank transfer, an additonal handling fee might apply, please contact us for more details. Please be aware that bank transfer orders are treated manually and can take up to 7 working days to complete. Font files will not be delivered until we receive payment confirmation from our bank.

When do I receive my order?

Orders should automatically be delivered by email after the payment is processed. You will receive an email with a downloadable link to the files you licensed and the invoice for your transaction. In case of delay, please check your junk/spam folders. On rare occasions, it might take extra time to verify a payment. Please, contact us if you think your order is taking particularly long.

What is your currency?

All our prices and transactions are in Euros. If you operate on another currency, please check with your bank the conversion rates and potential fees they might apply.

Is the transaction secure?

We use a SSL certificate to protect your customer information, but we do not store any of your financial data. Transactions are handled via Stripe.

Taxes and VAT.

All the prices listed on the site exclude taxes. If you are an EU customer, the relevant VAT rate will be applied at the end of the process unless you are registered for European VAT with a valid VAT number. We do not charge VAT for non-EU customers. We're fully compliant with EU digital downloads VAT regulations.

Returns & refunds.

Due to the digital nature of the fonts, we cannot offer refunds after the purchase is made.

Can I purchase licenses for two different font families on the same transaction?

Not a this stage. You would have to purchase one of the families first, and then proceed with the next family once the first transaction is finalised.


Live typeface test.

You can use the live typeface test to preview your own text. Please note that the fonts displayed lack OpenType layout features.

Could I try your fonts on my designs before purchasing?

We offer free demo font licenses for you to properly test them on your design mockups and use them on presentations when pitching to clients. For using the font to create products/visuals to be used commercially, or personally, you must purchase one of our commercial licenses.

Licensing & pricing

I saw Bw fonts on other sites. Are they authorised?

We no longer work with resellers. Branding with Type is the only place where you could purchase a valid license for any of our typefaces.

If you see our fonts available anywhere else, please contact us before making any purchase. 


What does ‘unlimited’ webfont mean?

It means exactly that. There’s no page-view limits and you can use the fonts on as many domains as you need, providing they are owned by the licensee. If you want to use the fonts to create a web template/theme for third parties to use, please contact us.

What does ‘unlimited’ mobile apps mean?

It means exactly that. You can use the font on as many mobile apps as you need, providing they are owned by the licensee.

What does ‘unlimited’ document embedding mean?

It means that, as well as on pdfs, you can embed the fonts on as many Epub documents as you need, providing they are owned by the licensee.

Do I need to renew my license after a period of time?

No, all of our licenses are permanent (one-time fee). 

My needs are not covered on your licensing packages.

Don't worry. Drop us a line at with your specific requirements and we will look into that.

Can I get a discount?

There is a 40% discount already in place when purchasing a family, compared to buying the individual styles separately.

Upgrading licenses and completing families.

Please send us an email explaining the new styles and/or the new licensing requirements plus the invoice for your original purchase attached. We will discount what you already paid from the new licensing fee.

Naming fonts

Can I rename the fonts after my company?

Yes, under our Branding with Type license. 

We recommend you chose a font name directly connected to the licensee name. We will check it against our own font name database and we will flag any potential issues.

Ultimately, it will be your sole responsibility to ensure that the chosen name doesn’t incur in copyright infringement. Consultancy on font naming could be provided separately.


Which formats do you deliver?

.OTF for Desktop, App, Epub and Broadcast.

.WOFF2, .WOFF and .EOT for Webfonts.

Legacy .TTF and .SVG could be delivered on demand.

I can't access the alternates on your fonts.

All the OpenType features on our fonts have been tested on Adobe CC software. If you are using the fonts on another software, please refer to the user guide or contact the manufacturer directly.


All our fonts include CFF PostScript hinting instructions for enhanced on-screen rendering. Further manual hinting for specific situations can be done upon request.


I need a larger/smaller character set. Could you do that?

Yes. Drop us a line at 

Do you speak any other languages?

Si, además de inglés también hablamos español. Puedes enviarnos tus consultas en cualquiera de los dos idiomas.