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Designed by Alberto Romanos, Bw Darius is an elegant wedge serif typeface, halfway between the transitional and didone genres, with a sharper approach to terminals without falling on the stiffness of the didones. The wide skeleton, modern proportions and high contrast, all contribute to the opulent personality of this font.

Bw Darius comes in 4 weights (from a delicate Light to a robust and sturdy Black) with matching true italics and a stencil version, allowing brands to use the different voice tonalities within the same style. Its tall x-height and open apertures makes it fit for display but also body text purposes, performing well both on screen and printed.

It supports all European Latin languages and it includes OpenType features like Old-Style figures, fractions, case sensitive forms, standard ligatures and unusual discretionary ligatures.

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Bw Darius
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Bw Darius
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