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Bw Surco is a fresh and optimistic humanist sans serif with hand-stroke cues. Its soft, rounded shapes, balanced x-height and the contrast between the romans and the true italics, all build towards a very practical font family with a friendly and spontaneous personality.

It comes in 12 styles supporting all Western Latin languages + European Cyrillic, with stylistic variations for Bulgarian, Serbian and Macedonian. It features many OpenType features like old style and lining figures, case-sensitive forms or fractions.

The intermediate weights perform very well for mid length texts while the Light and the Black really stand out when used at large sizes, bringing a positive voice to any branding, packaging or advertising project.

The entire font family is available under our DEMO license for free.

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Bw Surco in use

Bw Surco
Betânia Lácteos by Ana Couto (branding) + Tátil Design (packaging)